River Valley Mulch & Hardscape Materials

If you're looking for the freshest  mulch then look to River Valley Mulch. You know your mulch will be the freshest when you buy from us because it is made on site.  Whether you are a homeowner that  needs 2 cubic yards to decorate a flower bed or a retail garden center that needs a semi-truck load, River Valley Mulch  can deliver! Contact us at 479-782-4773 or email: jim@RiverValleyMulch.com.   

Our convenient location just off River Front Drive (Clayton Expressway) in Fort Smith  provides easy access to Interstate 40 enabling us to provide prompt shipments in bulk quantities of up to 90 cubic yards.   We supply both colored hardwood and aromatic cedar landscape much in a variety of popular colors from Red, Brown, Black and Cypress Gold.  

Spring Hours: March- June  
Open Monday -Friday 8:00-4:30    
Saturday 9:00-1:00

Off-Season Hours 
Monday-Friday 8:00 to 4:30

Quality Landscaping Improves Home Values

Better Sales Prices
A Clemson University study found that homes with "excellent" landscaping result in a sale price 10 to 12 percent higher than equivalent homes with "average" landscaping.

Increased Home Values
Quality landscaping can increase a home's value by up to 15%. Source: The Gallup Organization

Return On Investment
Money Magazine found that among home improvements, landscaping returns 100% to 200%  of the investment compared to kitchen remodeling returning 75% to 125%, bathroom remodeling returning 20% to 120% and addition of a swimming pool returning 20% to 50% of the investment.